Events (MICE)

Elevate events to new heights of engagement and global reach allowing attendees to connect, network, and collaborate in virtual environments creating unforgettable experiences and fostering stronger professional relationships.

Add metaverse & VR to your marketing channels

✦ Unique and immersive showcase
✦ Increase brand awareness
✦ Expand reach beyond the physical

Hold meetings and site inspections in your digital venue

✦ Increased collaboration
✦ Save time and costs
✦ Improve accessibility
✦ Enhanced creativity

Customise scenes for specific clients, collaborate with brands

✦ Fully manageable spaces
✦ Branding opportunities
✦ Experiment with new tech

Quickly utilise your matterport 3d scans

✦ Use existing scans to bring to virtual life
✦ Efficient workflow

Get analytics on visitors

✦ Track user engagement
✦ Monitor venue performance
✦ Optimise presence

Unique PR angle

✦ Cutting edge and memorable experience
✦ Stand out from the crowd
✦ Forward thinking and innovative

Examples of Events

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