The medical industry can benefit from the potential of Virtual Reality in various areas, including medical training, patient treatment, and mental health therapy. 

Medical training

✦ Realistic and immersive training environment
✦ Practice surgical procedures
✦ Develop skills and confidence before performing on real patients

Mental health therapy

✦ Treat anxiety disorders, PTSD, and other mental health conditions
✦ Expose patients to virtual environments that trigger specific emotions, thoughts, or memories
✦ Help patients confront their fears and overcome them in a controlled and safe environment

Medical research

✦ Simulate medical scenarios
✦ Test new medical interventions
✦ Reduce the cost and risks associated with clinical trials
✦ Accelerate the development of new treatments

Pain management

✦ Reduce patients’ anxiety levels, which can help to reduce the amount of pain they experience


✦ Use VR to improve motor skills and regain their range of motion.
✦ Create personalised rehabilitation programs, tailored to their specific needs

Examples of Medical

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